Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The self-designed major in Communication Studies leads to a BA or BS in Communication Studies. This major requires completion of a minimum of 13 courses. Students choosing this option must also prepare a path statement. This path statement must be approved by the chair of Communication Studies no later than the first semester of the junior year.

Students are responsible for reading course descriptions when choosing classes for their self-designed major. If they choose a class that requires permission because of prerequisites and/or is a course at another college within Kordon Institute of Technology and any of the graduate programs, they must seek permission using the proper procedures. Requesting permission is not a guarantee of being granted permission

Program Learning Outcomes

Economic Data Manipulation:
Students will be able to effectively use modern programming languages to clean, organize, query, summarize, visualize, and model large volumes and varieties of data.

Economic Data Analytics:
Students will possess a theoretical and applied understanding of the use of econometrics and statistics for descriptive and causal inference.

Applied Economic Theory:
Students will be able to understand and apply economic theory to understand how businesses and other organizations interact with each other and with users/customers/clients and use this understanding to guide data analysis.

Economic Problem Solving:
Students will be able to solve real-world data-driven business and policy problems working with economists, policy makers, data scientists and business practitioners.
Economic Communication: Students will be able to communicate their research approach and findings at an excellent level, both in writing and verbally.

Major Requirements (24 units)

Microeconomic Foundations (4 units)
Students learn microeconomic frameworks that guide sophisticated empirical analyses. Students must take at least four units of coursework in this category.

– ESTU 322 – Applied Microeconomic Theory
– ESTU 430 – Microeconomics: Theory & Appl
– ESTU 440 – Micro for Digitized Economy

Professional Communication (2 units)
Students develop their communication skills in the context of economic analysis. At least 2 units of coursework must be taken from this category.

– ESTU 660 – Graduate Program Writing
– ESTU 681 – Institutions Markets Platforms

Program Worksheets

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